3 Essential Qualities of a Good Videographer

by | Jun 26, 2018

People use and consume videos every single day. You will see it on the television (of course), the internet, billboards, and a number of advertising materials. A videographer is highly in demand, and many businesses are looking for highly skilled videographers. There are many qualities that go into being a good videographer, so if you are looking to hire one, here are the top three qualities that you should zone in on:

Great communication skills

A good videographer must be a great leader on and off the screen. He must be able to communicate well with his team and tell them what he wants done. Filming a project requires that there’s a good line of communication between the clients, the members of the team, and the team leader. A breakdown in the communication line will lead to issues behind the camera.

Clients will be dissatisfied, team members will argue, and the team leader will bore the brunt of the miscommunication. But it’s not only the videographer or the leader of the team that must have great communication skills. The whole company—from the boss down to the receptionist—should be able to communicate well with the clients. They must make sure that the clients and the videographers are all in the same page.

Knowledge of all types of video equipment

There are many types of video cameras, editing equipment, software, lighting rings, sound machines, etc. Any self-respecting videographer would have a basic knowledge of how all these pieces of equipment work. They must know how to handle the most outdated machine and the most advanced equipment.

This is especially important if they are going solo on a project—if they are going to be the one to conceptualize, shoot, and edit the whole thing. The access to these kinds of equipment is also important because high-quality software and machines will produce the best kind of videos. Other things that videographers should have knowledge about is the basic light setups, white-balance levels, and the camera movements.

Ability to adapt to any situation

When you are a videographer, there are many challenges that will come your way. Clients can be very difficult, after all. A videographer should be able to adapt to any situation, especially if he is doing a live event where he will only get one chance to get it right.

He must be patient when it comes to the issues that will hound him during the project. And most of all, he must be able to separate his personal life from his work commitments.