3 Reasons Why You Need A Corporate Video Production Strategy

by | Aug 9, 2018

A business would need two things: an online marketing campaign and a sound corporate video production strategy. The combination of these two can lead many successful sales to your business.

It could create a list of clients that would have the potential to promote your business to their network. When it comes to a video production strategy, however, you cannot simply focus on the content. You have to consider many factors that could potentially make the production fail or succeed.

Take your message and create different avenues to distribute that message. You must also consider the reasons why people consume your videos—what they get from the videos and how they use these videos to influence their decision to purchase a product or a service from your company.

People consume media and information differently

People use media and information differently. They read and watch videos and these videos have different effects on them.

But for businesses who use video production to promote and advertise their products and services, there is one goal only—to educate its customers. The goal is to teach someone why the products and services matter and why they need to purchase them. No matter what you sell, the basic content creation goal boils down to education the targeted audience.

Incorporating videos into your content will appeal to visual- and audio-loving customers. You can even get the best of both worlds by transcribing the video through a text placed on the bottom of the screen.

Google loves video content

It should be obvious that the main reason why we are using videos to promote the products and services on the internet is because of Google.

Rarely do people enter your web address on the address bar. They use Google to search for the keyword related to what you are selling. Sure, you can use SEO in your content so Google can tag your web pages, but videos are more convincing and Google loves videos that are SEO-based.

When creating videos, make sure that the link to your website is in the description of the video or visible in the video itself.

Videos are easy to share

Video-sharing networks like YouTube and Vimeo made it easy for a person to share just about any video content available on the web. They can use the link of the video to embed it into their own blog post or to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This works like magic for a business because sharing the videos is tantamount to free advertising. The best promoters are the customers themselves and their sharing the video means their network could be your future consumers, too.