3 Steps To Start Your Drone Videography Service

by | Jan 23, 2019

Every drone videography team has a different process involved in shooting the videos and managing the clients. Most, of course, would want to be left alone to handle their business and start shooting creatively through their lens. As clients, you deserve to know what goes behind the process. But before that, you must also know what videographers demand and expect from you.

Tell us about your project

We want to know what your project is all about. Describe your project and tell us what kind of photos and videos do you expect to come out of our little service.

Tell us if it’s a business you are promoting that you need the media for. Is it a blog? Are you starting a blog? Is it personal or for business? Is it an event? Something corporate or a little bit personal like an anniversary, wedding, or birthday?

Before anything else, your team needs to know what they are going to do and what are expected from them. This helps them prepare their storyboard, as well as the equipment they may need depending on the location where the project will be shoot.

Make sure to provide as many details about the project as you can. If possible, you and the videography team will visit the site for an ocular.

We’ll schedule a flight

After having a thorough understanding of your needs and demands, we will then send a pilot and a videographer to your site to start the shooting. Since you have already told us about the project and what it will be used for, our dedicated team will have a better understanding of how to go about shooting the subject matter.

Unless you are a part of the drone videography shoot, you don’t need to be there. You can simply focus on other facets of your business and not waste your time standing around during the shoot. Of course, you are also welcome to join if you want to get a good grasp of how aerial videography works.

Download the images and choose your photos

We will send your photos in raw form. You can then choose the photos that you want us to edit. Our drone videography editing services are usually part of the packages that you availed from us. You can check our different rates regarding this. You are free to keep all images and video clips.

You are just required to choose the ones that you want to be edited and that you will use in your promotional clip, for example. After you have chosen the ones you want, we will go about turning this into the output that you expect from us.