3 Tips to Make Your Lakeland Video Production Efficient in an Onboarding Process

by | Nov 10, 2020

Gone are the days when employers need to literally call someone they want to hire, schedule an interview, and deliberate in person with the rest of the team. The first thing that happened was the rise of recruitment and placement agencies. They do the dirty work of picking candidates for companies. Then, here comes the Lakeland video production, which is now being used for onboarding new employees to a company.

That last bit made it even easier for companies to onboard employees who they hire from outside the state. Here are some tips on how to make your corporate video production more effective:

Break Them Into Smaller Chunks

Don’t dump a two-hour-long video on your employees’ lap and make them watch it in a day or even a week. It’s exhausting to have to deal with that, and they won’t likely remember all the things you said on the video. Instead, break the longer video into smaller chunks. A five-part 10-minute video per session is good enough. It’s easy to digest and master.

This technique will also allow your new hires to watch the videos and raise questions after each one of them. This increases engagement and opens the floors for more inquiries that will improve the employees’ understanding of their roles in the company.

Be Engaging

Do not be a talking head. Engage with your viewers. Even if it’s a pre-recorded video, raise some questions. Make them answer these questions to themselves. What are their goals for joining your company? What can they bring? Then, proceed to discuss what your vision is for the company, and what you hope they can bring to your business.

Your employees will better understand what their roles must be if you keep the video engaging. They will also focus on it, giving it their attention. An engaging video is more likely to be effective in training new hires and even old ones. It’s the single most important component of a Lakeland video production.

Leave Nothing on the Table

Be concise. Be informative. Be relevant. Your job as an employer is to guide your employees. That starts from the moment you first talk to a new hire through a teleconference up to the moment you turn over the Lakeland video production that will serve as the onboarding procedure. Prepare to answer questions that were not clear in the video. And take note of these questions because the next time you use the video for onboarding, you have to edit these parts.