4 Reminders For Your Lakeland Wedding Photography Team

by | May 31, 2019

It’s a few days before your wedding when you’re about to take a vow to be with your partner through thick or thin, for better or for worst, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health… you know the drill. But that’s isn’t exactly what you’re thinking of right now. You’re focused on your Lakeland wedding photography team and you wonder how to make sure that everything will go as planned.

Here’s the thing about weddings and the photography teams that were assigned to cover them: they usually do try their best but there are certain moments and certain situations that don’t work exactly to their advantage. When this happens, the clients are left wanting and in some instances, even needing to seek legal ramifications.

So, what can you do to help your photography team achieve the best possible output for your wedding photos and videos? Make a list of reminders that can guide them on what to look out for during the wedding day. This list will also give them an idea about what’s important to you as a couple.

Critical Moments

What are the moments that will be most precious to you on that day? The common scenarios are the first kiss, the bride’s walk, the first dance, and the photos with the immediate families. But there could be something that you want to add to the most common list that photographers have in their pockets.

It could be the first time your dad sees you in your gown or the moment that your partner takes your hand from your parents. It could be anything, really, and it’s important that your photographers know these moments are important to you.


What is the final schedule for the wedding day? If you have a wedding coordinator, it’s best to remind him or her to send the schedule to the photographers. This schedule will keep them on their toes and will ensure that nothing’s amiss on your wedding day. Make the schedule detailed in such a way that the photographers can expect the moments they need to be prepared for.


What kind of output are you expecting from your photography team? Does the package include an album? A blow-up framed photo of the couple? Include this in the reminders so your Lakeland wedding photography team can have a vision of what photos to take and select for the kind of output you are expecting from them.


This is in consideration of the photographers. Although there is a contract that specifically says when they will get their payments, it is still nice to let them know you’re ready to settle the dues right after the party has ended. This will keep them satisfied. Remember that so many photographers have already found themselves in dire situations because their clients didn’t want to pay even after the services were rendered and the output was handed over.