4 Ways to Make Money as a Lakeland Videographer

by | Mar 17, 2020

So, you are passionate about videography. Good for you. Many people don’t even discover their passions until it’s too late for them. As a Lakeland videographer, you have many options to earn a living. You can do this on the side and have a regular 8-to-5 job. You can find clients who need your videography services. But most of these do not promise a daily wage or a fixed salary. You live day by day. That’s why you need to find ways to make money and boost your cash flow.

Do Documentaries

A feature-length film is hard to sell. If a distributor takes notice of your film, they’ll take an average of 20% of your profit. You’ll almost be left with nothing after you pay your cast and crew. Besides, it’s hard to get picked up. Why not make documentaries about a variety of issues and topics? You can sell those to news channels. You can upload it on your website and earn from those who want to download it. Make sure to create an interesting teaser, so people know what to expect.

Create Courses

The online course industry is expected to grow to $275 billion in 2022. It is now at almost $200 billion. You can contribute greatly to this industry. People want to improve their skills. They are always looking for ways to teach themselves new things. You can create an online course where you teach them Lakeland videographer tricks and techniques. You can charge per video or you can earn from YouTube ads. The best thing about this is you only have to make them once. They’ll earn repeatedly as long as they’re on YouTube.

Cover Weddings

Couples pay roughly $1,700 for their Lakeland videographer. You can make that much with just one gig. Sure, you’d have to divide that with your video editor and lights men but for the most part, you get a huge portion of that. You only have to do this once and for a couple of hours at the most. That $1,700 doesn’t seem so bad, right? You may even charge more depending on where you’re located and how much the couple is willing to pay.

Produce Corporate Videos

More than 80% of customers say they want companies to produce more video content about their brand, products, and services. Unfortunately, not all companies have an in-house Lakeland videographer team. That’s why they will need to hire someone like you to produce their video content.