5 Creative Lakeland Video Production Uses to Profit Better

by | Nov 24, 2019

Lakeland video production has become such an integral part of every business. Can you imagine promoting your business purely through blog posts alone? Video is not a fundamental element of every business operation and branding strategy. There are countless ways that your business can benefit from video production. Chief among them are these five creative uses for video production:

Customer Testimonials

Surely, you have come across websites with written testimonials. Why rely on written testimonials when you can produce a video of your customers testifying for your products and services? Videos will show emotions. They are more personable. Viewers will relate more to your customers when they can hear them speak. Remember that as much as 70% of your potential customers will rely on testimonials to decide on purchasing from your business or not. Producing a video testimonial is important for any business.

Product Videos

Are you launching a new product? You can create a promotional video to create a buzz about these new products and services. You can share and spread that video on various social media platforms. You can ask your friends and family to reshare the videos. Who knows? Your videos may go viral and reach audiences far and wide. Product videos are important because they highlight the features of the products.

Corporate Videos

In a small business, you have to give your customers a sense of who you are as a company. Introduce your staff and some behind-the-scenes processes. Your audience will trust you more when they realize that like them, you also face some serious challenges in your work. Some ideas for your corporate videos are the history of your company, the people who work there, how you come up with new ideas, and a comprehensive review of your about us introduction.

Promotional Purposes

Obviously, the point of making a video is to promote your business and make your customers more aware of your brand. Some examples of great promotional videos are viral videos, content marketing, infomercials, tutorials, and landing pages. You can create short snippets of videos to put on your email newsletters, for example. You can also use the videos on press releases and other public relations materials.


You can’t be too formal when promoting your company. You should also produce fun Lakeland video production for your FAQs, Q&A, live streaming, recruitment videos, and event coverage. Videos can be used in a variety of ways internally. You can use it to train recruits and educate your employees about new projects and policies.