5 Essential Gear That Every Lakeland Videographer Must Have

by | May 14, 2019

A Lakeland videographer would find it hard to make a video production without the gear that is important to him. Of course, the camera is on top of that list. But aside from the camera, there are a few things that a videographer cannot live without while on the field. While this list may vary per videographer, the reason for needing these things is the same—it protects their files and it gives them more options.

Hard drive

Soon enough, your SD card will fill up. Those thousands of minutes you shot will eventually use up all the space in your SD card. You need to transfer those images or videos to a well-protected hard drive. While you can rely on your cloud account, some of us are old school and just want the actual portable hard drive to be the one to protect all our files.


You know all about the horror story of wanting to catch a shot during the golden hour but because the sun is too low, almost all the pictures are faceless. The catastrophe! What you can do is to put neutral density or ultraviolet filters on your lens. Not only will these eliminate the strong rays of the sun that hits a subject’s face, but it also protects your lens.


Make sure that your headphones or earphones will stay in your bag for the rest of time. It should never leave your bag. While your cameras have speakers on them, those are not the best way to listen to an audio recording.

You could barely hear the sound that you recorded through those speakers. Your headphones will make sure you got every audio recording in good quality. You need a set of noise-canceling headphones.

SD card holder

Do you think that you can just pop your SD card in your pocket or wallet? When the sensors on the SD cards get in contact with other things in your pocket, it could seriously corrupt the files and you’ll end up with a useless piece of plastic. Invest in a hard case for your memory cards so that they don’t get bent or scratched.


Keep everything organized with a backpack. Try to invest in a backpack that’s exclusively made for a Lakeland videographer. This means that there are slots for your camera, for memory cards, cables, headphones, etc. Your backpack must be functional and well-designed. It doesn’t hurt if it looks good on the outside, too.