5 Legal Things Lakeland Wedding Photography Teams Should Have

by | Apr 4, 2019

Couples are consumed with things such as family attendance, portraits, budget, wedding vows, and the quality of food that they don’t necessarily delve into the legal issues that may arise from hiring a professional Lakeland wedding photography team. This is the reason why it is imperative every photographer understands it is his responsibility to draw up the legal document that will make the agreement between the two parties binding.

Insurance policies

Contracts and formations cannot protect every aspect of the business. What happens when something goes wrong with your equipment? You will be held liable by the client for shooting the event with a malfunctioning camera or lenses and rightfully so.

On the other hand, you should not have to spend thousands of dollars for the repair of your equipment. Getting them insurance will help protect you from these incidences. An insurance policy may also help photographers get protection from lawsuits that may arise from these situations.

Back-up measures

Back-up measures are not only a smart way to go about this business, but it is also a professional requirement. Backup-measures include back-up equipment and back-up photographers.

Despite the care that the Lakeland wedding photography team gives their equipment, technology can still fail. Having a back-up camera, lens, memory cards, batteries, etc. will help fulfill the obligations under the contract.


A document such as a wedding contract helps identify the responsibilities of each party. It is legally binding and can be used to file a lawsuit against one another.

The contract should include the pertinent information about the photographer and the clients such as their names, their addresses, their contact information, and the details of the event—where and when it is, what the call time is, and who are the people responsible for the different tasks.

Independent contractor

There’s another contract that the Lakeland wedding photography team must take care of and that’s the contract between the primary photographer and his secondary photographer.

The agreement must be clear to both photographers and their duties must be fully understood before the completion of the job. This is an agreement that will be made between the primary and the secondary photographer.


The Lakeland wedding photography industry is unregulated. Meaning, there is no standard for what quality photos are. As such, the clients are always on a losing end when they demand for better quality from their photographers.

As a general rule, this type of business must only be entered into when the professional can promise and deliver the expected results and quality of the product.