5 Magical Locations For Lakeland Wedding Photography

by | May 16, 2019

The type of wedding you want will depend on who you are as a couple; your likes and dislikes. Your wedding must show your character and every photo must tell a story about your relationship. When you are looking for Lakeland wedding photography, you need to pick the one where you’ll feel the magic of your love and where you will be comfortable. While a photoshoot by the beach is always nice, it might not be the right location if you don’t like getting wet or going barefoot in the sand.

On Top of a Cliff

If you live near the mountains or at the very least you have access to a cliff, you may want to check out if that’s somewhere you can go for your photoshoot. There is always something magical about standing at the edge of the cliff when you’re about to get married. It feels like you’re making a conscious effort to jump in together and promise to stay forever.

In a Theme Park

There’s a kid in all of us. Wouldn’t it be nice to revisit our favorite theme park when we were kids? Wouldn’t it be fun to remember how you dreamed when you were kids and how those dreams are slowly coming to fruition? Wouldn’t it feel nostalgic to go back to the same place where you learned about prince charming and now, you’re about to get married to your very own prince?

In a Forest

Can you imagine how magical you two would look like amid the greens that surround you? You’ll look like a wood nymph and the photographer can capture you during the early hours of the day when the rays of the sun seep into the spaces between the trees. Logistically, this could be a nightmare for your photographer but with the right equipment, they’ll be able to pull through this.

In a Snow-Covered Park

Is there anything more magical than snow? Wear something bright and you’ll be a standout amongst the white background. If you can, schedule your photo shoot when there’s a flurry of snow so the photographer can capture the moment they fall down and cover you both up.

In a Log Cabin

Lakeland wedding photography done inside log cabins look warm and inviting. You and your partner can seat by the fireplace while the photographer takes snaps. The best thing about this is the fire alone will make your skin glow. If you are a couple who like staying indoors, this is the perfect backdrop for you.