5 Marketing Tips On How To Use Your Photography And Videography On Social Media

by | Jun 26, 2018

Your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should be used to market your business. Through the use of photography and videography, you should be able to attract new customers and retain old ones. Here are the tips on how you can effectively utilize photos and videos to market products, services, and even advocacies and campaigns on social media:

Stick to your goals and vision

What is the goal of your news feed? What is the vision you have for your business? It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook or Instagram. If you don’t have a consistent feed with a clear goal, your customers won’t stick around, too. Before launching your Facebook and Instagram pages, decide on the kind of feed you want to have and make sure that your posts match the ideas and concepts. Everything you post should relate to your business theme.

Educate your audience

It is not enough these days that your posts are fun and entertaining. They should be educational, too. You should provide knowledge and information to your viewers, and don’t simply market items to them. If the information is valuable and your customers used that information for the betterment of their lives, they would keep coming back for more. And if they keep checking your pages and your feeds, you will have the golden opportunity to market to them.

Be visual

Don’t post long and dragging articles. Sad to say, but nobody likes to read anymore. What people want is to see things and to watch things. A visually-engaging feed will create more followers. People will check your posts more if their attentions are caught by a slideshow or a 10-seconder video. Besides, since we are visual people, we can communicate more through images than through words.

Know your audience

This is the cardinal rule of marketing. You have to know your audience, but this is especially important now that Facebook posts can be specifically targeted to a group of people. You can customize your settings so that a particular post will only be visible to a group of people with certain demographics. You can, for example, set a post about a wedding to be seen only by engaged people. That’s the power of social media.

Post regularly

Engage with your potential clients on a daily basis through images, videos, and links. You should always remind your followers that, “Hey, I’m here.” You can do that by updating them with the latest happenings in your company or by posting a variety of information that relates to your business.