5 Things A Videographer Expects From Clients

by | Jan 29, 2019

We know that a videographer needs to be skilled and talented and knowledgeable. That’s the reason we pay them by the hour… because they specialize in making videos for our personal mementos and our business campaigns.

But videographers expect things from their clients as well. They don’t enter a project expecting to do all the work. They need the utmost support of their clients, as well as these five important things:

Understanding the process

Videographers need clients to have an idea of what goes into a shoot. If there’s one thing that’s difficult about planning a shoot and composting a concept for a video, it is having to explain to the clients every single step of the process.

Clients should, therefore, read up and research about videography so they have an idea of what must happen during a shoot and what they can expect from a videographer.


Communication is the key to a great relationship, even a client-videographer relationship. Clients need to be communicative in a way that will allow the videographers to understand better what they are aiming for in the shoot. They should be able to explain what they want from the video without needing to disrespect or shout at anyone.

Openness to suggestions

Videographers have a lot of ideas. Sometimes, they like to be heard, especially when their ideas are going to be good for the video. Clients need to listen to these suggestions and these ideas. They are, after all, paying a videographer for his skills and his experiences, both of which made him an expert in videography.

If the ideas are going to benefit your business, why wouldn’t you want to change the original concept you provided? Be open to suggestions because your videographers want nothing else but to produce the best output, too.


Be fair in dealing with videographers. If you have a pre-negotiated price, contract, and deadlines, stick to these. Don’t try to negotiate for a lower or cheaper price in the middle of the project.

And when it is time to pay the full fee of the services, don’t scrimp and disappear. So many clients have done this: continuously delay the payment for the services. They have done their job well so pay up when it is time to.


If there are things you don’t like about the output, tell the videographers respectfully. There will be no need to raise voices or even to belittle them just because you are paying for their services. Always act with respect toward your fellow human being.