5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Video Production Company

by | Jun 14, 2018

If you plan on hiring a video production company, you should make a checklist of the things you are looking for. You cannot go around searching on Google for the nearest video company and just hire them out of the blue. You’ve got to consider a lot of things that would help you make the decision of investing your money, your capital with them.

Expertise and experience

Whatever kind of supplier we are looking for, we should consider the expertise and the experience that they boast of. Sure, it’s nice to support up and coming video production companies seeing as they offer their services for less the price than the other more established agencies. However, that would also sacrifice the years of experience that other companies could use to provide a better service. So, which is which? Check their works and see if new ideas could trump out experience.


You surely don’t want to deal with unprofessional videographers and editors? That would put so much damage on the project you need done. From the start, you’ll notice if they are professionals to work with. If they have not provided good answers to your inquiries, then they may not be the best people to hire for the job.


The company should be using the latest equipment—the most high-tech of cameras, lights, and editing tools. They should have their own stuff and should not be merely renting them. That’s as amateur as it gets—renting equipment. If they could not invest in good equipment, the focal point of their business, how sure are you that they would invest in talented and skilled people as well?


Ask if you can see their previous works. Even amateur videographers have a portfolio of their previous projects. You can see from these how creative and imaginative they are and if this is the kind of work that would do your project good. If it’s good enough for you then congratulations, you have found the perfect videographer to go with.

Recommendations and reviews

But oops, there’s another consideration that has to be made. Many of your friends in the industry might have hired the same company, so always ask for their recommendations. If they have not encountered the company, read reviews about them on the internet. We’re sure there’s something there. Can’t find any? That might be a red flag, so approach with caution.