5 Video Production Tips For Small Businesses

by | Aug 23, 2018

In terms of marketing strategies these days, the name of the game is efficiency and inexpensiveness. As a small business, you have to find a video production agency that can deliver efficient service at a cost that your business can afford. You have to maximize your bottom line and increase your chances of making a profit.

A video can sometimes feel overwhelming and expensive and hard to get started. Here are five tips for creating a budget-friendly video for your small business:

Use your smartphone or mirrorless camera

You don’t have to buy or rent a high-tech camera. You can do a small video by using your smartphone or a mirrorless camera—your everyday camera will do good. You just need a tripod for extra stability and a more professional look.

If you are going to use your smartphone for your little project, you can also borrow a friend’s phone to get the audio right. In the editing process, you can sync the audio from the other phone with the video on your phone.

Use free technology and software

You don’t need to invest in high-tech cameras. You don’t need to invest in an editing software, too. If you are using a Mac, you already have quite a powerful tool in your hands.

You use the iMovie for a lot of basic editing such as trimming video, merging different video clips, syncing audio, adding background music, adding text overlays, and many more.

Repurpose the video

Make sure to produce a video with a content that can be repurposed on all different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

It is always the best practice to utilize your content assets across multiple platforms and simply repurpose them in a way that would be different from the original video. You need to get your video out there through various means possible.

Think beyond the video content

When you watch videos, you’ll realize that your audience is engaging with the video in many more ways than simply sitting there and consuming the content.

You can use the video to get them to your YouTube channel by putting a subscribe link right there or at the end of the video, you can persuade your audience to download your e-book.

Test your video

A small-budget video production does not mean that you don’t have to make the most out of it. You should test the different aspects of your video and make sure that they are optimized for viewing across different devices—laptops, tablets, and smartphones.