6 Technical Skills That Every Lakeland Videographer Should Have

by | Feb 20, 2020

People are not born with inherent technical and social skills to succeed in their business or profession. They develop these skills by honing and working on them repeatedly. They acquire these skills through sheer hard work. A Lakeland videographer must these six technical skills—creativity, videography skills, patience and concentration, attention to detail, strong networking skills, and teamwork skills—to survive in a cutthroat industry.


When we say creativity, we don’t mean simply having an artist’s skills (though that should be a given). You need to be creative in the way you present yourself to clients. You need to find creative ways to market your services. You need to work outside your comfort zone from time to time. You have to find beauty in being challenged to do your best. If you work with weddings only, you need to diversify and try covering corporate events, for example.

Videography Skills

Of course, a videographer needs to have a grasp of the basics. Zooming in and out, panning left and right, fading to black, and transitioning, among others, should come naturally to you. These are the basic skills of every Lakeland videographer. You can learn these from taking classes in school, being an intern for a professional videographer, and practicing endlessly for years.

Patience and Concentration

It isn’t easy to be a videographer these days. You have to compete with others who have already made a name for themselves based on their experiences in the industry. It takes patience and a lot of focus to survive in this industry. Be generous with your time. Spend it honing your skills and perfecting your techniques. Learn about different ways on how to market your services. Don’t cut corners when it comes to promoting your business or profession.

Attention to Detail

A good Lakeland videographer has attention to detail. You must notice the little things that could affect the video’s capacity to send a message to its target audience. Being a perfectionist isn’t wrong when you are trying to create video content that’s supposed to drive traffic to a website and raise awareness about a brand.

Networking Skills

How will you attract clients to try out your services if you don’t know how to go out there? You should attend industry events. You should market your services to friends and family. Don’t be embarrassed by that. The only way to retain clients is to start attracting them.

Teamworking Skills

As a Lakeland videographer, you will be working with a lot of different people. You will just be one person in a sea of suppliers during an event. Make sure that you can work with different people and their moods and idiosyncrasies. Learn to play according to your strengths. Don’t argue with a client and a co-supplier. Always seek to find common ground.