6 Tips For Creating Corporate Video Production For Your Customers

by | Jan 9, 2019

Whether your business is doing a corporate video production for the first time or is building from a current marketing strategy, you need to understand that creating a video is more than just about targeting a specific audience.

By adding videos to your social media strategy, your page is 10 times more likely to be viewed by social media users. This means you need to constantly create a stunning video that will wow your customers, retain them as clients, and make them recommend your business or social media profile to their network of friends and families.

Impressing your customers through a corporate video is an essential tool for your business to survive the onslaught of technological advances. Here’s what you need to do:

Start with a brainstorm

While many people are doubtful about the effectivity of brainstorm, we stand by our advice. Huddle together and throw off ideas against each other. Allow these ideas to thrive and nurture them by acting on them.

Focus on the benefits for your clients

When we’re trying to strategize for our business, most often we simply consider what we want and what’s good for us, profit-wise. Your priority when it comes to creating videos is to build one that resonates with your audience. Show them why your products or services are important to their daily lives.

Write the script or storyboard

Storyboards are a great way of organizing ideas. It also shows us what we want the video to be. It reminds us of the goals of the video. It is also easier to develop an idea when we are constantly seeing it posted on a bulletin board. This pre-production strategy helps make a corporate video stunning.

Set the pace of the video

Those first five seconds are critical to catching the viewers’ attention. Are you using the right voice and message? Is the combination of your words, your actor, and his voice creating the message you want to send to your potential market? Remember that you are telling a story through visuals. Make sure that there’s a beginning, a climax, and a denouement.

Use strong visuals

Your video should be a reflection of your brand’s personality. It can either be fun and animated or professional and minimal. Whatever style you choose, make sure that it is consistent across the video—from beginning to end.

Share your video to the right channels

Making a video without sharing it with the use of proper channels is the biggest mistake ever. But before sharing it on all social media platforms, remember that people engage with your videos differently depending on the social media platform being used.

Edit and change the title, the description, and the caption before uploading the video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and sending it through email.