7 Ways To Use Video Production In The Classroom

by | Jul 12, 2018

Video production has the power to engage and motivate students to learn more. Students enjoy watching videos and making them, and they use videos to communicate with each other and express themselves. Educators can then tap the power of videos to engage students to learn across the curriculum and learn concepts easier and clearer.


Students can create a documentary about non-fiction topics such as politics, economics, social, and historical. Documentaries are objective and students will learn how to remain unbiased and consider the information and the images they will include in the video. It can also include some interviews which will give more credibility to the information provided in the video.


Students can be creative in dramatizing a literary work. The students can dramatize key historical events, too, aside from a piece of literature. This will help them understand the story better and they can enhance their media literacy skills by using videos to communicate the message of the stories.

Pre-selected clips

In this project, the teacher can divide the class into different groups and give them the same video clips. The groups can then arrange the video clips and convey the message and ideas they want to communicate. This will help students learn about bias and point of view.


Students can interview someone who is an expert about a political, economic, or historical topic. Studies have found out that students are more interested and more likely to listen when they are faced by the primary source of information. They can also interview members of their community if the project is about community building in their area.


Students can make a video out of the concept they are learning in school. This will show whether the students have actually understood the concept that the teacher is trying to show them. The teacher must set a maximum limit in the length of the video. This can be used to assess how much the students have learned.

Public service announcement

In most schools, students are required to develop their critical social thinking. Producing a public service announcement is a good way for the students to showcase their understanding of that concept. They can call for community support about a chosen advocacy—environment or social change.

News report

Teachers can assign students to play the role of a news reporter. The students will then learn about current events and issues and report to their classmates about it. They can even interview experts about the issues and share the knowledge with the rest of the class.