8 Ways Corporate Video Production Can Be Used For Internal Communication

by | Aug 23, 2018

A corporate video production is far by the most effective, cost-conscious, and versatile platform you can use for internal corporate communication. It creates a personal touch, strengthening relationships across pay grades, and building the culture and branding of the company. There are many ways that videos can be used to augment existing communication or replace them entirely.

CEO messages

In large corporations, the CEO-to-employee relationship is very minimal. Hardly would employees be able to see their CEOs on a daily basis. But the CEO does not need to be a mere figurehead. He could appear on videos to improve employee engagement and loyalty. The CEO can use the video to congratulate employees for a job well done.

Corporate changes

Employees can get scared easily of corporate changes. Any new developments or changes in structures in the current corporate setup could come off as negative to the employees. It’s always better to be transparent about your announcements. You can use the corporate video production to explain the changes and why they are significant.

Progress updates

If there is an existing project, your employees deserve to know how the project is faring or else, they will lose the feeling of security and connection to the company. You can use the corporate video production video to provide regular updates to the employees. Tone and information can get lost through an email and instant messaging.

Brand reinforcement

It is important to always reinforce your brand in the video’s messaging. A brand can easily lose the cohesive identity if it isn’t regularly enforced. Brand reinforcement should be the primary goal of the video and it should be able to create standardized branding across the video message.


When there’s a new employee in the company, you can use the video to introduce the new blood to the rest of the employee pool. In another way, you can also use the video to brief the new employee about the current employees in your roster.

Health and safety

Health and safety regulations are required to be standardized across all industries. It would be helpful for the employees if there is a video explaining these guidelines as they can be extensive and rather complex.

Training and education

Employees can learn invaluable lessons at their own pace through a training and education video. Small updates can be passed through a video, so you don’t need to pull out the employees from their work just to attend a seminar or a lecture. They can consume the lessons at their own pace.

Team building

Employees who work well together can be more effective and valuable to the company. Team building can be emphasized through a corporate video production in a way that would be difficult through text and other messaging platforms.