A Checklist For The Battery Of Your Drone Videography Equipment

by | Aug 14, 2018

Every drone will come with a battery pack that has a different maintenance guideline. One of the first things you must do before taking out the equipment for amazing drone videography shots is to read the manual for the batteries.

You need to know the proper precautions you need to take when using the drone and the batteries. Once this has been completed, you can use your drone but you need to read further about the proper storing, charging, and transportation of the drone with the battery pack.

Fully charged batteries

You know how you charge your phones to full capacity when you’re traveling. That’s a precaution you take because you never know what will happen on the road. That’s the same reason why you have a power bank with you or an extra charger with you.

The same can be said for drone batteries. Always charge your batteries before using the drone because the batteries can lose power even while they are in storage.

Batteries and liquid

The reason why we’re always telling you not to use your drones when it’s snowing and raining is primarily because of the batteries.

Though there are heavy-duty drones that can take light snowing and light rains, the batteries may not be as water-repellant as the drone.

When batteries come into contact with liquid, they can seriously be damaged and as an effect, it could also damage your drone.

Installing and removing the batteries

Never remove the batteries when the drone is turned on. Not only could you damage the equipment, but it could also result in an accident where you are the victim.

When installing or removing the batteries, make sure that the drone is turned off and is not connected to any power cord or even to your computer.

Battery status

The accompanying app that you can install in your phone to check and control the drone will also tell you the status of your batteries. Turn the notifications on to ensure that the app will alert you if the drone is flying and shooting drone videography with low-charged batteries.

You may lose track of time when flying the drone and may not notice that the batteries are losing power already. When the app alerts you that the batteries are low on charge or damaged, land your drones immediately and take the batteries out.

Do not overcharge

As with all kinds of batteries, do not overcharge your drone’s batteries. They could damage the batteries or make the batteries lose its capacity over time. Make sure to regularly examine the batteries for leakage and other problems.