A Guide to Filming Against White Walls for Your Corporate Video Production

by | Dec 16, 2021

Many corporate video production projects have, unfortunately, the same sort of format that have been played out again and again. This is one of the biggest reasons why corporate videos fell out of fashion a few years ago. 

Fortunately, it is starting to make a comeback in recent years, with video production companies coming up with new and creative ways to showcase the workplace and convey the business’s goals, mission, and vision to the target audience. 

However, there are certain aspects of a corporate video production project that remain universal, no matter how much progress the industry has made over the years, and one of these is the need to film against a white office wall for in-person interviews. It can come off as quite dull, so here are a few ways to make a white wall work for your corporate video. 

Introduce other elements to break the monotony

The biggest issue with filming against a white wall is the fact that the long stretch of white can look very dull to the eye. Because of this, you should introduce other elements to break up the monotony of the white wall in the background. 

This can be as straightforward as hanging up a frame or a poster in the background, as complicated as using shelving, or as nuanced as using background shadows for this. The key here is to avoid having a completely white background, as this can wash out the subject of the video and affect the quality of the final video. 

Make use of the room’s features

Another way to avoid making a white background too dull is by making use of the room’s features to make the background more interesting. In addition to making use of hanging up items to break the monotony of the wall, you can also learn to work the angles of your camera so that the wall is not the primary background. 

Try using the room’s features to see if there’s something that you can use as an alternate look. One option to consider is by shooting the footage with the corner of the room behind the subject. While it is still white, at least it is not a single stretch of white. 

There are plenty of ways that you can work with a white wall for the sake of your corporate video production. It’s important that you look into these for your corporate video as a full, white wall can come off as boring to the eye and give off the impression of a boring video.