A Guide to Industries for the Budding Lakeland Videographer

by | May 4, 2021

The pandemic pushed the rapid advancement of using videos in businesses. Virtually every type of business now has a marketing video perspective. Think about it. They’ve all somehow worked with a Lakeland videographer. But in case you are missing the point, here are the industries that absolutely need videography services without any type of exception.


Software as a service is an unglamorous industry. It’s a bit nerdy and few people realize that they’ve actually been using SaaS in many aspects of their lives. That is why this industry needs to create videos that will evoke emotions from its audience. It needs to humanize its operations and processes and let viewers see its culture through behind-the-scenes and customer success stories.

Travel and Hospitality

How can you show your audience that you are worth the money they have to spend? Nothing brings a scene to life than a video of France, Spain, Bali, Tokyo, and many other spots. Hotels must also invest in videos because they can show the stunning accommodations that customers should not be able to get over.


Trust is hard to win in the healthcare industry. That’s why health facilities and institutions often make videos to humanize their businesses and reach out to their target markets. A huge amount of trust is needed for a customer to choose your facility over others. A survey found that 79% of customers who watched a video about a healthcare facility eventually made their way there or talked to others about what they learned from the video.


Choosing what school to go to is always a big deal for students. Parents and students themselves watch videos that can help them convince where to go for their preschool, high school, and college education. Videos, of course, won’t only be the factor one should consider when choosing which school to go to, but it will help to see if the school has the kind of culture the parents and students seek.


What could be more tedious than working in an agency? A marketing agency, for example, has to always keep up with trends and answer customer demand. Most of the time, they find it hard to focus on what the business needs such as creating marketing videos. And yet, videos are the most important tools for an agency, no matter what kind of service it provides.

If you’re in one of these industries, make sure to call a Lakeland videographer and see what options you have about marketing videos.