A Lakeland Videographer Guide to 2021’s Video Trends

by | Apr 13, 2021

All advice and suggestions when it comes to marketing strategies center on a single message: “video should be a part of your strategy.” But the question also remains the same: What type of videos will be useful this 2021? With so much going on in the world, how can a Lakeland videographer get ready for new trends that will emerge or have emerged?


If you haven’t made a video with hotspots, then that’s probably why your content lacks engagement. Hotspots on videos refer to the areas where a viewer can click. It’s either a link or a way to zoom in on an area of the video. It’s the best way to make your viewers stay longer watching the video because it increases engagement with the material.

TikTok and reels

Unless you are living under a rock, you should know that TikTok and Reels are a convenient way to combine information and entertainment. Even The Washington Post has a TikTok account where they try to deliver the news in a fun and engaging way. You have to carve a niche for yourself in these new platforms.

Live video chat

How can a Lakeland videographer increase interaction with his market? He can use live video. Thank the pandemic for this because people have seemingly adjusted to virtual meetings that they are now using them for marketing. This kind of person-to-person marketing works wonders to persuade your target audience.

Blog-style videos

You don’t need to spend so much time on high-quality videos these days because what your customers want are blog-style videos. These are sometimes raw unedited videos that capture the essence and character of the brand. Rather than engaging in a series of tweets, some social media users are producing short videos to make the messages more personal.

Long-format videos

But don’t get fooled by those blog-style videos. Longer format videos are still widely accepted for very specific industries. Some ads are episodic, which means that they tell a story in a series of long-format videos that the viewers have to wait for every weekend or so. It builds anticipation for the big reveal, which is why some companies like using this strategy.

Educational and Training

More than 70% of social media users will rather watch a video on how to use a certain product than read the manual instructions that the products came with. This only goes to show how visual-focused audiences are. A Lakeland videographer will do well working this into his portfolio.