A Lakeland Videographer Guide to Planning a Winning Production

by | Aug 25, 2020

As a Lakeland videographer, you are already well-aware of the fact that there are so many ways that a single video production project can end up going wrong. This is mostly because of the fact that there are so many moving parts of a production project that it only takes one wrong decision for the flow of the entire project to go off-course.

In order to minimize the risk of problems to your production, the best thing to do is to plan out the course of your video project as thoroughly as possible.

As a Lakeland videographer, one of the most important roles of your job is the pre-production phase of your production, as this is where the planning takes place. Here are is a basic guide to planning a winning production.

First, determine the production’s goals and objectives

During the planning phase of your production, one of the very first things that you need to be taking care of is the identification of the video’s goals and objectives. Whether you’re handling this for your own company or doing it for a client, you always have to understand the motivations behind the video.

Is it supposed to be used for marketing purposes? Recruitment? Is it a company culture video? Identifying these right away is key to determining the angle to take in order to meet those goals.

Budget allocation and timeline

Once you have a general idea of what needs to be done for the video, it’s time to plan out some of the logistics. How much of a budget are you given for the production? This is essential as this will help you figure out where to prioritize the allocation of your budget within the production.

A smaller budget means needing to think a little creatively about your approach while maintaining the quality of the final video, so think about this carefully. In addition to this, the timeline for your video will be important to the planning process, as you need to draw up a schedule based on the given deadlines.

Understand who the intended audience is

Your target audience is crucial to the success of your video project, so make sure that you know who your target audience is going to be. Different demographics react differently to video content, so understanding who your audience is will help you create a video that is most appealing to them, which can help drive the success of your video.