A Lakeland Videographer Guide to Video Marketing Trends

by | Mar 30, 2021

Unless a Lakeland videographer makes it a point to learn about video marketing trends, these trends won’t come knocking on their doors. Instead, time will pass them by and these videographers will find themselves without clients. It’s time that every videographer makes it a point to learn about video marketing and the trends that change them.

Sure, it’s not great to jump onto trends quickly. However, videographers should still keep an eye on marketing trends that keep on cropping up.

Live Videos Will Be the Future

When Facebook Live was introduced in 2017, there was such a big expectation. It went bust, though, as video creators saturated the market with auto-playing videos that the audience didn’t want in the first place. Though many have stopped using Facebook Live, live videos themselves is not a trend that will just disappear. The concept is an engaging one. Businesses can interact with their audience directly and in real-time.

The Arrival of Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are those videos that contain a link to an online store. Instagram and Facebook Stories have these a lot. Online sellers use the “swipe up” feature on these social media platforms to convince web users to check out the items they have. The ability to buy products straight from a video will make it easier to convince customers.

360-angle Video Will Expand

Videographers must be adept at another kind of video—the 360-angle video. This is a huge trend at the moment. During the pandemic, there was a deluge of 360-angle videos that let the viewers watch Broadway shows and sports games, as well as visit iconic locations. All of these became possible because of the 360-angle video.

One-on-one Videos Will Continue

Teleconferencing platforms have been dominating the airwaves, but that doesn’t mean 1:1 videos no longer have a space on the internet. When real estate agents want to sell a property to a potential buyer, they will use video calls. Not only that, but participants in the call can also share their screens. They can discuss better the details of a project when they can share what’s on their screens.

Everyone Is Going to Vlog

Almost everyone is into vlogging these days. Celebrities, models, businessmen, and even regular folks are creating vlogs about everyday mundane things. They are churning up polished videos that will rival those made by a professional Lakeland videographer. Some use raw videos to make their videos more real and authentic.

These are the kinds of trends that videographers must keep their eyes on. These could possibly change the landscape of marketing videos and thus, the demands from videographers will change as well.