A Lakeland Videographer Perfect Gift Guide

by | Jun 4, 2019

Do you have someone in your life who’s a budding Lakeland videographer? Thinking of giving him/her something that he/she won’t forget and may need in his/her quest to become the best videographer out there? This list will guide you toward the right path.

Memory Cards

Videographers can’t have too many memory cards. They use these to store their photos and videos. Make sure to choose a brand that your friend specifically uses. Try to look into their gear and see what kind of memory card they need for their cameras. You can get the highest storage space in the market.

USB Battery Packs

If the Lakeland videographer usually travels to remote locations where access to power is questionable, he surely needs a battery pack to charge all his devices. There are several options here.

You can get him one that he has to charge through an electric socket (that can usually recharge up to four devices in full power) or a battery pack that has a solar panel (so it can recharge with the right lighting).


It’s not just any backpack, okay? You need to find a bag that can fit all the gear—camera, lights, microphone, headphones, batteries, phones, etc.—a videographer brings around. Find also a bag that is weatherproof, meaning water, snow, and moisture won’t be able to get in and affect the gear inside.

Storage / Luggage

When your videographer-friend isn’t traveling around the country and shooting videos, where is he putting all his gear? He should have a safe and secure luggage where to store his camera, lights, microphones, batteries, chargers, and what-not. Another thoughtful gift idea would be to give him a luggage specifically made to handle and store such equipment.

Software Licenses

Editing programs like Adobe Premiere and Photoshop CS can be incredibly expensive. Their annual fees are up to hundreds (almost a thousand) dollars. If you’ve got the money to spare, you can buy an extra year for your friend. To make sure that the payment won’t double, ask Adobe for a gift certificate that you can give to your friend.

Touchscreen Gloves

Sometimes, it can be as simple as a pair of touchscreen gloves. Filmmakers have to shoot even during extreme weather. How are they going to control and manipulate their gear if they can’t use their fingers/hands properly? Touchscreen gloves keep their fingers warm while allowing them to be productive since the gloves are fitted with touchscreen-friendly material.