A Lakeland Wedding Photography Wedding Day Checklist

by | Jun 6, 2019

Yes, it’s okay that you’re feeling anxious and excited and nervous when the day of your wedding is fast approaching. There are too many things you need to take care of and consider. There are literally a hundred people you need to think about. You have to deal with wedding suppliers. The list goes on. But most especially, you have to guide your Lakeland wedding photography team.

Here are some tips you need to remember on the day of your wedding:

Stay Off Your Feet

You don’t want your legs giving up on you when the reception and party starts. You would surely have to wear high-heeled shoes. Unless you absolutely have to, stay off your feet and rest your legs.

Make sure that your legs are elevated when you’re having your makeup applied or when someone’s putting your hair up. Take rest as much as you can because once the photoshoot and ceremony start, you’ll have a hard time even taking as much as a minute of break.

Eat Breakfast

Do not skip breakfast. Some brides are too anxious that they decide to skip breakfast. They think that eating would make them vomit because of mixed emotions. Do not ever do this.

The last thing you want to happen is to have a stomachache or deal with acidity because you did not eat properly. You will have a hard time eating even a sandwich once the dress is on.

You won’t even have the time to eat later on during the reception, so eat a hearty breakfast and keep in mind this might be the only meal you’ll get this day.

Drink More Water

You want to stay hydrated throughout the day. Because this is going to be a super busy day for you, it’s easy to forget to drink water and hydrate. Your skin will look better when you drink lots of water, so this rule does not apply only during your wedding day.

Say Thank You

Finally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with thanking the people who helped make your wedding day a successful one. Although every experience is different and yes, you’re paying them and they need to provide quality service, it will still be nice of you to show your gratitude to your Lakeland wedding photography team.

You can give your Lakeland wedding photography team a snack pack to keep them up throughout the day or you can give them a trinket of your appreciation after the whole thing is over.