A Lakeland Wedding Videography Quote and What to Expect

by | Jul 18, 2019

Documenting your wedding with Lakeland wedding videography and photography is something that many to-be-married couples are looking forward to. After all, on the wedding day itself, there is a very good chance that these couples will be too busy getting ready for the ceremony to appreciate all of the details on the wedding day itself.

This is where wedding production professionals come in. They document every moment in video and photo for the happy couple to look back on and remember.

However, the main concern for many couples is the fact that a service like this can be quite costly, especially since these are the professionals responsible for documenting your entire wedding day. To help you prepare for this, here is what you should expect in a Lakeland wedding videography and photography quote.

Project length

One of the first things that are going to go into a single wedding videography quote is the length of the project. Ideally, you’re going to want to give a few months advance notice to save the date. In order to make sure that you reserve the date, you will need to pay a deposit.

The closer to the date your booking is, the more you might have to expect to pay because the production house might have other projects lined up if it’s too close to the date. You will also expect to pay more if you need more deliverables and any other extra services.

Gear needed

If you have specific shots needed that require certain types of gear, then you should expect to pay more for these. You should know that a large portion of a wedding production quote actually comes from the gear needed to shoot the shots that you want at your wedding.

If you want a certain special effect, or if you’re holding your wedding in an area where regular lenses will have difficulty getting good shots, then you might have to anticipate a higher price quote.

Expected resources

Having a large wedding, or a wedding outside the area, these are factors which may influence the final price quoted for your Lakeland wedding videography.

If the production team will need to expend more resources to shoot your wedding, then they may have to charge you more to make sure that they are duly compensated.

So make sure that you keep this in mind when you’re shopping around for a video production professional to handle your wedding documentation.