Adding Depth to Lakeland Aerial Videography

by | Nov 24, 2019

The thing about Lakeland aerial videography is that they’re already exciting, it’s hard to add a certain oomph into them. That’s why many drone videographers find it hard to use aerial videography as a way to rise above the competition. It seems that the limit has been reached when it comes to maximizing the visual effects of drone videography. But the limit has not even been breached yet. There is much more you can do with aerial photography and videography.

Axis Movements

Going backward, forward, up, and down will surely make your videos boring. If there are no other movements you can do besides those four, you’re going to produce an unappealing video output. You can add more depth to your footage by flying up and backward at the same time or flying sideways while flying up and forward. You need to be gentle with the controllers, however, because you don’t want your viewers to have a headache trying to focus on your shaky footage.


Fly around a subject. This adds cinematic impact to your footage. You can manually orbit a circle but make sure to maintain a steady hand. There’s also a mode called Point of Interest in most cameras. Under this flight mode, your drone and camera will fly in a smooth circle, although it is up to you to adjust the height and ratio. It takes a lot of time to perfect a footage manually. If there’s an obstacle on the way, you need to tap pause or stop immediately.

Low Altitude

Just because drones are supposed to fly doesn’t mean they should be used solely for that. You can also use the drone to shoot a subject at a low altitude. This will give a different perspective to the footage. Low-altitude shots usually give attention to details and create an immersive experience.

Follow the Subject

Technology has made it easy for drones and cameras to follow your subject as he/she/it moves. Most drones are equipped with different flight modes that will allow you to keep the subject in the center of the footage or fly parallel to the subject. You can adjust the movement of the camera, either tilting it up or down, depending on what kind of dramatic effect you want to convey. Remember to be mindful of your surroundings when flying sideways or backward. Make sure your drone will not be a nuisance to others.

There are a lot of creative shots you can do with Lakeland aerial videography. The thing that you should remember about drone shots is to never do sudden movements. Jolty footages are a no-no if you want to succeed in this business. Also, safety reasons should compel you to fly with safety in mind.