As a Lakeland Videographer, Should You Follow Trends?

by | Apr 20, 2021

As trends come, we’ve seen everything there is to see in as a Lakeland videographer. From marketing videos to vlogs to shoppable videos to live streaming, the world of videos did not leave anything untouched. Video content on social media has never been as important as it is now. There is also a widespread belief that videos will soon take over the importance of textual content.

There’s already a shift to a more video-centric search result. Google is ranking videos on top of web pages. YouTube has its own search engine linked to Google. Of course, the fact that Google owns YouTube should not escape your mind, but the monopoly of search engines will likely change the game for many industries. Now, the question remains, should a Lakeland videographer follow trends? It is a worthwhile investment to pour corporate resources into new video trends?

Don’t Jump Too Quickly

Of course, it isn’t wise to jump on the bandwagon too quickly. You risk burning all your resources and watching your hard-earned money become nothing but dust. So when is following trends too quick? When you found a new trend that’s barely a month old, that’s too quick. Once it goes viral, that’s not too quick anymore. That is missing the train completely. The point is to find the optimal time between inception and virality before joining the bandwagon.

And although you may be having a hard time keeping up with the trends, remember to continue keeping an eye on your competitors. Certain movements in the market should alarm and warn you that something big is about to happen. If one after another company is using shoppable videos to market their products and consumers are responding positively, then that’s a sign that it’s time to hop on the train and never look back.

There are certain trends that will soon become part of the traditional. This is what you should look out for. Missing on these trends will impact your business in the most negative of ways. Neglecting, for example, to see that a video should be optimized for a search engine is one way of missing the golden opportunity a business needs to succeed.

There is no shortage of trends in the industry of video production. In fact, there will be new ones this year; some will stay while others will not. The sign of a good marketer is the ability to identify and distinguish when a trend is about to go viral.