Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Corporate Video Production

by | Nov 14, 2018

A corporate video production can be a lot of work for a company. After all, this is the medium that you’re going to be used to tell the world about your company. However, a lot of people aren’t particularly fond of corporate videos because they sometimes have a tendency to come off as a little bland.

The reason why this happens is that corporate videos tend to follow the same format. You have a senior employee talking about the company and the many wonderful things that it does, and it’s always shot behind a desk. Once you’ve seen one of these videos, you’ve seen them all.

Fortunately, companies are taking the hint and are making their corporate videos more engaging for audiences now, starting with the locations that they film them in. if you’re looking for the perfect location for your corporate video production or any kind of video production, here are some tips to keep in mind.

The location must fit the video

Of course, if you’re going to be choosing a location for your video production, you need to choose a location that actually fits your video. After all, you don’t plan on shooting a corporate video in the middle of a snowy field, are you?

Well, if you find some way to incorporate this into your video, you probably can, but typically, you would choose a location that fits into the theme of your video. Make sure that you plan out your shots beforehand so that you know what kind of locations you’re going to be looking for.

Take the time of day into consideration

Remember that different times of the day are going to produce different effects on how your video is going to look. Consistency is going to be a huge problem if you keep dealing with this particular issue. Another thing that ties in with the time of day during shooting is the lighting that you’re going to be using for the video.

Of course, you have your own lights, but using natural lighting can really make your video stand out. When planning out your shooting locations, make sure that you take into account what the light looks like during different points of the day and how you can use that in your video.

A quiet location is preferable

A noisy background is the last thing that you want to have in your video, especially if you’re going to be talking during the video.

When choosing a location for your corporate video production, you can either choose a location that’s guaranteed to be quiet enough for your video or obtain a permit to close off the area so that you can shoot your video without any background noise or people disrupting the shooting.