Common Misconceptions People Have About Corporate Video Production

by | Sep 25, 2020

Videos play a critical role in today’s industries. Can you imagine marketing a business or a product or a service without using videos? While that is possible, how can you reach your target audience better without corporate video production? Thanks to the digital revolution, videos are not limited to televisions anymore. We see them all the time on social media and the internet, in general.

And yet, there are still many misconceptions about the importance of videos in marketing. What are these misconceptions? How can we make people understand that these misconceptions hurt their businesses?

The Cost Isn’t Worth It

Far too many times, business owners look at the cost of the corporate video production more than what it can deliver to their businesses. But what businesses gain from videos are invaluable. These three things will convince you to invest in marketing videos: one, people love to watch videos and share them; two, people can watch videos from any device; and three, it is easier for people to remember and comprehend thus, it is more powerful than text.

There Is No Client Input

There is a lot of planning involved in producing a corporate video. That planning is not central to the videographers and marketers. The clients have a lot to say about what goes into these marketing videos. A good production needs to be planned well and without the insight of the client, this is impossible. The client must approve all concepts and ideas before the production takes off.

The Audio Doesn’t Matter

Wrong. The audio matters very much. Even if the video looks great, no one will want to watch it if they cannot understand it. Even with a great video, the audience will be thoroughly distracted by bad audio. Audio and video work hand in hand to make the video comprehensible to the audience.

The Subject Can’t Look and Sound Good on Video

It is normal for a non-actor to feel conscious before the camera. It takes a lot of practice for actors and models to feel confident appearing in videos. But that’s just it: practice makes perfect. If you keep on appearing on your corporate video production, it will be easier for you eventually to represent your company in videos.

Companies Don’t Need Professional Videographers

Some business owners think they can do the corporate video production themselves. While some videos can be done amateurishly, great marketing videos are produced by professional videographers who have the skills and experience necessary for the corporate videos to be effective.