Corporate Video Production: Why Create Customer Training Videos?

by | Sep 5, 2020

If your website isn’t receiving the kind of traffic you think it should, look at its content. What are you putting there? Is this the kind of content that your target audience hopes to read, view, and see? Do you have a corporate video production there? If you don’t, you have found the culprit as to why you do not have enough web traffic to rank your site on search engines. While there are many kinds of corporate videos, the best ones are training videos. Start with that, at least.

Drive Traffic

The question is not why you should have videos on your site. The question is why don’t you have training videos on your website when it’s already 2020? While the pandemic makes it harder to produce corporate video production, that is not an excuse why you don’t have much video content on your website. Videos drive traffic to your site. If you want that web traffic to climb up, you should produce content that your customers want to see.

Rank Your Site

Another component of the importance of videos on a website is the way Google ranks web pages. Search engines love video content. The more videos you have on the site, the better it is for your pages’ rankings. Videos boost search engine optimization. Google loves indexing web pages with videos in them.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Google’s not the only one that loves videos. Customers love watching videos, too. The more videos you have on the site, the more customers will want to visit your site and consume this kind of content. Compared to text, visuals have more power to boost engagement and customer satisfaction. When you have videos on your website, you’re basically telling customers that you value their experience while on the site.

Create Smarter Customers

When you create training videos, you give your customers more information and a better way to process that information. If you are producing training videos to teach them the many ways they can use your product, you are basically making your customers more knowledgeable than those who don’t know about these tricks and techniques you just shared. You are providing them with the information they need to make better decisions.

Grow Your Business

Finally, corporate video production is good for your business because it will help it grow and prosper. It can reach more people, and boost engagement on your website. And because your site ranks higher on search engines, more people will begin to notice it and thus, your business.