Create a Corporate Video Production Project Your Client Will Be Happy With

by | Nov 4, 2021

Putting together a corporate video production for your client is both equally simple and difficult. It’s hard to understand why at first, until you’ve had the opportunity to actually work on a corporate video production yourself. It’s simple because the company video is a very straightforward format.

A corporate video simply showcases the company, its goals and mission, and presents it in such a way that it appeals to the public eye. However, the difficulty actually lies in its simplicity. Company videos have a reputation for being dry and boring, which is why not many people want one made anymore.

However, if a company is done right, it can do a lot for the image of a company. So if a client wants a company video done, it’s your responsibility as a video production company to give them a corporate video that appeals to their audience in a unique way. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways that when put together, can really make a company video shine.

The video is for the people

I know we said that you need to create a video that your client will love, but you have to remember that company videos are meant for the audience, not the client. The client already knows how great their client is, so your job as a video production company is to convince the audience of how great they are. If you put together a video that appeals to the audience, it’ll appeal to the client as well.

Get to the point

The reason why company videos are perceived as dry and boring is because of how long they tend to be. You don’t have much time to hold the attention of the viewers, so get straight to the point. Every single shot that you use in the video counts, so don’t waste a single second.

The corporate video should be full of engaging, yet informative shots that appeal to viewers. All of the information that the client wants to include should be compiled in the video, and should last about two minutes, maximum.

Music really sets the mood

Take care with the music that you want to use in the video. Choosing the right kind of music can really make a difference in the mood of the video. If you choose music that sounds dull, people might associate that feeling with your video. When choosing music, make sure that you use royalty-free music, or purchase the license in order to use it for your video, to avoid any copyright issues.