Creating Lakeland Video Production to Improve Virtual Staff Meetings

by | Oct 23, 2020

Isn’t it so much harder to operate a business virtually when you have been so used to seeing your employees and colleagues daily? But now, with the pandemic threatening economies and systems, companies have to resort to creating Lakeland video production to communicate with their employees and even their clients. So, how should companies create and use these videos? How can they maximize the potentials of technology?

Asynchronous Videos

Asynchronous videos are those you don’t watch at the same time together. It means you will allow your employees to watch it whenever they can. As long, of course, as they follow a timeline and meet their deadlines. Asynchronous videos are highly effective at reminding employees about certain policies that they may have forgotten. These can also brief them about upcoming projects and client preferences.

It’s great because people can watch it when they feel like it and not when they need to. They can better focus on watching it when they work during their time and not when they are forced to during a meeting. Also, you can allow your employees to have a copy of the videos, so they can revisit the videos when they need to remember concepts, theories, ideas, and policies.

Synchronous Videos

This type of video is the one that you watch together during a virtual meeting. The advantage is you can react while something is happening in the video. The reactions are more real and authentic. You can understand your employees better when you watch the video together because their reactions are more organic. You can ask them to reach to the videos the moment it finishes and before they can come up with a more planned response.

The only problem with synchronous videos is that your employees are not exactly fans of these. They would much rather watch a video when they are focused on watching it rather than thinking about what to say for the next presentation in the meeting.

The key is to strike a balance between these two types of videos. Also, you have to make them as entertaining as possible. Even though business transactions are always a serious matter to discuss in any meeting, it’s important to consider that these are difficult times for your employees, too. The least you can do is not to burden them with boring and uninteresting corporate videos.

You can partner with a Lakeland video production company that can help you create the right kind of videos for your staff meetings and presentations.