Do You Need Aerial Photography For Your Events?

by | Jul 3, 2018

These days, we’re snapping photos left and right. We’re uploading photos on Facebook and Instagram. We’re sharing photos with our friends, both publicly and privately. Every single detail is documented. If we can capture the memories as they happen here on the ground, why couldn’t we do it with aerial photography? Why not capture the very best memories we have about special events from the air? There’s much more drama from up there, right?

If the landscape is important

Look, there are many events when the landscape would take the centerstage. If it’s a wedding happening on the tip of a cliff, wouldn’t that qualify as needing aerial photography? If there’s a wedding proposal about to happen in the middle of the ocean, shouldn’t someone capture these intimate moments as they happen from up above?

With the sea surrounding the couple as the guy kneels in front of the love of his life, wouldn’t it make for a dramatic photograph if we can capture the moment from a bird’s eye view? How majestic the wedding photos would look like if it happens on a cliff and if the moments are forever captured by drone cameras?

If you need to capture the number of attendees

Concerts and rallies are the two events that we usually ask this question: “How many people were there?” It is hard to give an estimate of the number of guests or attendees, but you can allow other people to judge this by showing them a photo of the event taken from above.

This will show the magnitude of the event, as well as a pretty good idea how many turned up. It’s actually easy to see if the event was a success or not. The number of attendees, whether the space reserved for them was occupied, will show that.

If there are fireworks

Corporate events, weddings, birthdays, victory parties… each one of these could celebrate the occasion by setting off fireworks. Somehow, and of course we should, we want to capture these rare moments that we get to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on pyrotechnics.

And if you could snap a series of photos from the top view, then all the more better because the view from there is certainly more dramatic and magical. Nothing would beat your wedding photos if they capture the expressions on your faces as the fireworks exploded and awed everyone in the party.