Getting Started With Drone Videography Even If You’re a Complete Beginner

by | Sep 25, 2018

Drone videography is something that more and more people are taking an interest in, both amateurs and professionals alike. Because of the beautiful scenes that can potentially be captured, and an interesting medium to work with, there are plenty of people who are looking to get into drones.

And because of how affordable entry-level drones are, and how easy it is to get started, it comes to no surprise why there are more and more people being added to the drone community today.

However, there are some people who simply pick up the hobby, and then put it down because they find themselves discouraged by the results that they get when trying out drone videography for the first time.

If you’re looking to get into drones and you don’t have any prior experience, here are some tips that can help ease your way into the hobby and the community.

Practice flying before anything else

Some people think that flying a drone is like flying a remote-controlled helicopter. While the concepts are similar, you may quickly find that it’s a lot more difficult to maintain the balance of a drone while trying to get a good shot at the same time.

Some first timers learned this the hard way, and end up crashing their very expensive drones into the nearest tree. To best counter this, buy a cheap drone to practice your flying with. It would be a shame to damage your very first drone because you lack the practice.

Get the right gear

Some people assume that they can just buy a drone and they can kick-start their venture into drone videography. When buying your very first drone kit, make sure you remember to purchase additional accessories, especially if you plan on taking this seriously.

You’re going to need a case for transportation purposes, additional batteries, and some extra propellers, just to start with. As you continue with your drone photography and videography, you’ll find yourself needing more and more accessories.

Get a little creative

Remember that this is a creative industry, and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with your drone shots.

Look beyond the typical drone shots that you may find online, and look for something that catches your attention and you might be interested in capturing it on film.

Don’t be afraid to venture beyond your comfort zone, and explore different environments that might really spark your creative side.

The legal stuff matters too

When getting started in drone videography, remember that there are legal requirements that you have to comply with. Read up on the local laws regarding drones, as well as look into the licenses that you may need to pilot a drone in certain areas.