How A Lakeland Videographer Can Integrate Himself In The Local Community

by | Apr 23, 2019

Integrating one’s self in the local community through participating in activities will help you gain the trust of its members, who are potentially your customers as Lakeland videographer.

Your active participation in the goings-on in the community will help them remember you and your services as a videographer. Besides, community-building should be an advocacy of everyone, whether you’re part of that community as a resident or as a businessman or as a professional.

Offer discounts or volunteer your free time

The best way to get noticed by the community you serve is to offer your time free of charge. If there is an ongoing program or activity that needs video documentation, you can offer to do the shoot for free. What they need to pay for, however, is the editing of the video though you can also give them a discount for that.

Members of the community, especially the committee leaders, will remember who you are because of this gesture so the next time they need video production, they will pick up the phone to call you. Be honest about your intentions, too, and tell them you want to promote your services during the event or activity.

Sponsor little league teams and local sports teams

Do you have a hidden talent in coaching baseball and basketball teams? We’re talking about little league teams so don’t worry too much about competition. These are all just for fun. If no one’s taking the job, maybe you can volunteer for it.

And while you’re not actually promoting your videography services, you are getting to know the community better as you have just integrated yourself as part of their kids’ extracurricular activities.

Join exhibits and farmers’ markets

Communities are fond of farmers’ markets and trade exhibits. Check your community calendar and find out if there’s a schedule in the near future. You can apply as an exhibitor, set up your booth, and introduce your services to the community.

For the farmers’ market, you can again make a video production that you will upload on Facebook, specifically your community’s group page. They will love the documentation of their activities.

Participate in other community-building activities

What other activities does your community host? Do they have a fun run activity every weekend? Do they support a cause, advocacy, an issue, a non-profit organization? Find out what interests you most about their activities and sign up for it. Business aside, it’s always a great feeling to be part of something larger than yourself.