How a Lakeland Videographer Can Prepare for New Videography Trends

by | Oct 27, 2020

It is not only the Covid-19 pandemic that is forcing a Lakeland videographer to come up with new techniques, tricks, and strategies. Way before the pandemic happened, there have been a lot of changes in videography because of the digital revolution. People who do not have access to cameras and editing tools before can now make their own videos. Drones proliferate the skies. And smartphones changed the way we view videos forever.

Upgrade Their Skills

It’s time to upgrade and add to your skills. You can attend a crash course or do some internship about these new tools emerging. The worst thing that a Lakeland videographer can do is not to upgrade his skills on the different technologies that are coming up in the market today. If you don’t know how to fly a drone and take photos and videos from this device, you are going to lose to someone who knows how to do it.

It’s not just about upgrading your skills, either. It’s about adding to these skills, too. Have you ever thought of blogging about your skills? Don’t you want to share what you learned about the industry with your followers on social media? You might gain and attract more followers when you add to your growing list of skills.

Use Social Media

Social media is where everything happens. Want to find out what’s on the news? Open social media. Want to listen to a song? Open Facebook. It’s one thing not to be active on social media, it’s another thing entirely not to exist on it. If you want to grow your profession, you have to follow in the footsteps of other videographers who made social media their platform. Believe it or not but people check social media more than your website.

So, where are you going to post the videos that you produce? On your website? That’s okay, but how are people going to see them? People use social media to check on everything. It is clearly the best platform to help disseminate your content.


You should seek collaboration with other content creators. Even in businesses, these collaborations have been super successful. Just think about how big companies like Nike and Adidas do a collaboration. Even Instagram influencers and home-based businesses love the idea of collaborative opportunities. This allows them to target different audiences and present their business to an already established clientele.

There are a lot of changes that a Lakeland videographer has to deal with. But to survive these changes and developments, they must continue seeking information about them and respond accordingly.