How a Lakeland Videographer Can Use the Internet to Market His Skills

by | Oct 23, 2020

How will the digital world look like without videos? It seems impossible right now but not so long ago, the internet isn’t exactly dominated by videos. It is only until about a decade ago that video-making has become accessible to all internet users because of devices like portable cameras, mobile phones, and tablets. Back then, a Lakeland videographer has to fight toe and nail to get clients. It seems that for a time, that is behind them, but the pandemic brought back the nightmares of the past.

Today, videographers also have to compete for clients. The pandemic put their jobs in question, too, because people have to practice social distancing. How can you create videos with social distancing in place? Fortunately, technology has a way of easing things out. The need for business owners to market their businesses online led to the demand for videographers.

But it is still important for a Lakeland videographer to learn how to use the internet to his advantage. Sure, you already have some strategies up your sleeves, but how can you maximize the internet to reach out to your target market?

Google My Business

The first thing that people do when they need a videographer is to look for one via Google. When they searched for a keyword on Google, the first links will come from Google My Business. If you haven’t claimed and verified your listing yet, potential clients will not even dare click on the link or call the number that appeared on the page. You must optimize and verify the details on your Google My Business page because it tells potential clients that you are legitimate.

Review Websites

Sites like Yelp are popular for a reason. People go there to know about a company and its products and services. Check out what people have to say about you on these review sites, or if you have reviews at all. If there are bad reviews, answer them as best as you can and try to improve on what others have noticed about your skills or lack thereof. Regularly check what past customers have to say about your services.

Social Media

Of course, can your business even survive without a presence on social media? As someone who works with visual elements, the content on your newsfeed must be as curated as possible. Build a theme. Stick to it, and watch as clients troop to your page to inquire about your services. Your job as a Lakeland videographer starts with yourself. You have to show what you got before clients can trust you with their money.