How a Lakeland Videographer Covers Events Safely During the Pandemic

by | Oct 15, 2020

Photographers and videographers are facing their own set of risks and challenges today that they have to work amid the coronavirus pandemic. They often work in groups and in a large gathering. Even in intimate weddings, there are at least 10 people that the Lakeland videographer has to mingle with. Some even work indoors, where the virus can linger in the air. Freelancers, especially, often find themselves saying yes to work environments that they are not comfortable with because their rights aren’t protected by a company or agency.

So, how can they stay safe from contracting the virus while working as well?

Property and Equipment

Cameras, bags, lights, and other things can carry the virus everywhere. Before and after the shoot, make sure to properly sanitize your equipment. Do not share equipment. If one of your crew forgot his camera or his device, make him go get it. Sharing equipment is against the rules of the Association of Photographers.

You should also use a boom microphone instead of clip-on ones. This will prevent you from having to go near the person. It will also prevent two persons from touching the same device. It is incredibly hard to get the audio you want right now because of the restrictions but with a bit of maneuvering, you should find your footing.

Of course, you can also use a long zoom lens so you don’t need to get closer to the subjects. One photographer was able to capture an event without needing to come close to the subjects. All he has to do is use a long zoom lens.

Precautionary Measures

As a precaution, always wear a mask wherever you go. If some of the guests in the event you are covering don’t wear a mask, stay as far away from them as possible. You should also clear this up with your clients before signing the contract. Tell them that one of the safety measures you have in place is to always wear a mask (and that works for them, too).

Always bring a sanitizer with you. It’s surprising how many people don’t have one with them at all times, especially during this time. Require your crew to do the same. Let your clients know about this “rule,” too. They can provide a sanitation area for you and the rest of the guests.

There are some things that you cannot control when covering an event. Raise concerns about the safety of the work environment with your clients. If they are not amenable to requiring their guests to wear a mask or practice social distancing, then think if this is an event you should cover as a Lakeland videographer.