How a Lakeland Videographer Is Surviving the Pandemic

They say that if you find your business standing and unscathed after the pandemic, count yourself lucky. Not everyone or every business has the opportunity to operate after what has been the worst year in our lives so far. With many businesses closing down, what makes a Lakeland videographer fit for the new normal? How come this profession, whose success hinges on socialization, was able to survive a pandemic that is terribly linked with isolation?


Videographers were not always on top of the food chain. In fact, photographers have that distinction. Videographers are rarely needed by ordinary folks. They are hired only by production houses and advertising firms when there’s a big project that needs a TV ad or a mini-documentary. For the most part, they stay unnoticed in the corner while photographers get the contracts left and right.

But over time, they’ve become essentials to a wedding, birthday, and anniversary. Boyfriends hire them to capture a wedding proposal. Ad agencies are even more dependent on them since the advent of social media. Vloggers are hiring them, too, for their skills on how to make a much better video blog than they can. When the pandemic hit, all videographers have to do is dig dip into who they really are—they were so used to adapting to new norms and trends that it has become second nature to them.


They cannot sit idly by while they watch the rest of the industries extinguish the flames. They need to do something, too. Instead of waiting for the pandemic to pass and burning through their savings, they found a much better way to do things. They become resourceful enough to find a way to earn even amid a pandemic.

First, they offered tutorials online to budding videographers. They shared their skills and knowledge and in turn, they got paid for it. Second, they also guided video shoots at home. They taught parents how to create a makeshift studio at home and also guided them on how to take photos of their children. Third, when the restrictions are finally lifted, they began taking in mini photo sessions and then eventually, bigger events as long as safety precautions are ensured. Finally, they impose strict guidelines on every client and project they take on.

With these two at the core of every Lakeland videographer, it is no wonder why they were able to survive the pandemic almost unscathed. Almost being the operative word since not all videographers have the tenacity and the confidence to adapt to the new norm and the emerging trends in the industry.