How a Lakeland Videographer Should Use Networking to Attract Clients

by | Dec 13, 2019

The average person has 150 to 200 friends on Facebook. That means that you can have a connection to about 150 people per friend. If you have 100 friends on Facebook, you can network to about 15,000 Facebook users. Networking is a big part of your job as a Lakeland videographer. You cannot content yourself on producing videos. You have to market your services, too. Just imagine the number of people you can reach with one post. Harnessing the power of networking is one of the many skills you should learn.

Getting More Likes

Ask your family and friends to “like” your page. The more followers your page has, the more popular it’s going to be. People will also trust your page more when they see that their friends are followers, too. When it comes to your status on social media, everything begins with the number of likes and followers you have. You can create a few tactics to get people to like your page. For example, you can organize a contest wherein followers can win a free photoshoot from you.

Sharing Posts

You need to get your followers to share your posts. Whether these are blog articles or images or videos or links, sharing is the only way for you to reach people who are not your followers. They can get a glimpse of your page and what you offer when their friends (who are your followers) share your posts. Want to know the secret to persuade your followers to share your page? Incentivize them or again, create a contest where the winner gets a free photo session from you.

Attending Events

Is there a better way of connecting with future clients than through attending events? Get into the habit of joining expositions and trade fairs. These are great events to meet people who may be interested in the services that you’re offering. You can also get to know people working in the same industry. This will expand your network.

Providing Excellent Services

Do you know what’s the best form of networking? It’s providing the best customer service imaginable. Your past customers will talk about your services. They will want others to experience the same quality of service that they experienced. They will recommend you to their friends and family. There’s nothing quite like providing the best experience working with you for your followers to speak highly of you.

As a Lakeland videographer, your job also comprises of networking and marketing your services to the right people. These tips should help you get the attention of your target audience.