How Can a Lakeland Videographer Get More Clients During a Pandemic?

by | Jun 16, 2020

Wasn’t it just three months ago when you were such an in-demand as a Lakeland videographer? Your months are fully booked. You barely have time for yourself or your family. You cannot even accommodate new clients anymore because you’re booked until September. But, what happened? The coronavirus pandemic happened. That’s what. As the people shifted their focus from earning to surviving the outbreak of the virus, those in the creative industry found themselves in unfamiliar territory. Suddenly, we’re no longer an essential industry for businesses.

Since businesses are trying to cut down on their expenses, they have also effectively shut the doors on any possibility that they will hire a creative team for videos and photoshoots. The competition has become even tougher. No longer are there lots of projects that you can pick from. There are a few surviving projects but how do you get your share of the pie?

Events are also canceled until at least late this year. You cannot expect revenue from private events. Smaller events mean smaller fees. Whereas you can charge $10,000 for a wedding with 200 guests before, this isn’t possible now with physical distancing measures in place. Weddings have been canceled. Some have pushed through but without a photographer or videographer anymore. These days, people just make do with their smartphones and whatever knowledge they have about producing videos.

So, what can you do, huh? As a Lakeland videographer, how can you survive such a blow to the industry?

Keep Learning

You have to keep updating your knowledge and skills. Enroll in an online class. Do collaborative projects with other videographers and photographers. It’s time to add to your skills. Maybe you can learn how to write a script or some other skills that can boost your portfolio. There’s a wealth of information on the internet that you can use to reinvent your offers.


Today, people need to learn the truth about this pandemic. You can offer your help to local government offices. You can create a video explainer about the pandemic, as well as the things that one should do to protect themselves from the virus. Although this will not generate revenue for you, it will open opportunities for networking. You never know who you’ll meet in these volunteer programs. Plus, it gives you the chance to help others understand what’s happening.

Apply for Funding

There are a lot of programs now that offer funding for members of the creative industry. Do you have a project in mind that you want to do even before the pandemic started? It doesn’t have to be about the pandemic. There are plenty of opportunities now to get sponsorship for a host of other issues you want to discuss. Be open to applying to these programs and see where your Lakeland videographer skills can take you.