How Can You Become A Great Videographer?

by | Jul 10, 2018

Our access to high-definition video cameras could make us think we’re cut for the job of a videographer. However, it takes more than the knowledge to operate a camera and edit the outputs on Adobe to be called a legitimate videographer.

We cannot simply call ourselves as such just because we have taken a few clips worthy of our Instagram feed. A true videographer has an eye for details and can see things differently.

Must be detail-oriented

There are a lot of little things we can miss out from taking a video if we do not know the proper way how. Sure, we can focus the lens just fine and we may be able to get in a good shot or two, but videos are better when even the tiny details are given importance.

When the leaves rustle and turn away from the wind and the videographer was able to capture that? It’s a truly defining moment for one video. These are the little details that prove the creativity of a videographer.

Must be able to defend his creativity

A lot of clients and bosses will question your creativity and the process of your work. Do not be baffled. Instead, stick to what you know is good for the project. Don’t be easily intimidated by the people who pay you—your bosses and clients.

They pay you exactly because of your creativity and your skills. If you cannot defend your decisions, nobody else will. In the end, you will be minimized into someone who simply follow orders and does not have his own mark.

Must be respectful of the works of others

Videographers also take inspiration from other works, but that does not mean they can copy these works. A good videographer knows how to be respectful of the work of others. They know that it’s not easy to finish a project, so they have a huge respect for others in the same field.

At the same time, they should also have utmost respect for the people in their team—the goffers, the lights men, the sound engineers, etc. Even if they are the ones who decide ultimately on what makes a project great, they should respect the opinions of the whole team.

Must be a good listener

If you cannot take and accept the suggestions and the opinions of others, you are bound to make mistakes or be truly ordinary. Listening to what others have to say will give you a new perspective about the project you are working on. Your clients, bosses, and colleagues could give you new insights into making the project extraordinary.