How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Lakeland Wedding Videography Industry

by | Aug 18, 2020

How is the wedding industry faring in your city? In many cities worldwide, large gatherings such as weddings, concerts, business conferences, and music festivals have been banned. Until we find a vaccine or cure to the coronavirus, this ban will stay. This led to a major slowdown in the Lakeland wedding videography industry, especially because spring and summer were supposedly the wedding seasons of the year.

Many who work in the industry had to diversify their portfolio. Since there is no big wedding to cover and earn from this period, they have to make do with small events and other things they can use their skills on. According to reports, there isn’t one vendor category that is struggling more than the others.

Everyone in the industry has been affected by the pandemic. Whether you’re in the catering, lights and sounds, floral arrangement, venue, DJ, photography, and Lakeland wedding videography category, you have lost a steady source of income, especially during this time.

Cater to Smaller Events

Even big names in the wedding industry have to struggle because of the pandemic. Instead of focusing on big events with hundreds or thousands in attendance, they have to downsize their packages. They now cater to smaller events with only a handful of guests.

On top of that, they have to practice social distancing. Not doing so is a risk in today’s time, not only in terms of their health but also because they can face government sanctions for not following the minimum standard health protocols.

Smaller events include weddings with only 10 people as guests, birthday parties with only the immediate family as guests, and surprise engagement parties with only the close friends and family in attendance.

They also have to compete for what little advertisement budget is being thrown out there by businesses. Since businesses are primarily focused on their digital marketing content, very few would like to pay for photoshoots, TV commercials, and the like.

Offer Massive Discounts

Another thing that wedding suppliers and vendors have been doing is to offer massive discounts on their wedding and events packages. Instead of charging full price for their services, some of them are offering to do the job for half the original price.

Many are also holding photo sessions right in the comforts of the homes of their clients. Since people are afraid to step out of their houses, especially with their kids in tow, they are now offering to bring the studio to you—complete with props and other accessories.

It’s an especially difficult time for many people, especially those who are part of the industries heavily affected by the pandemic. But with resourcefulness, those in the Lakeland wedding videography industry can still close deals and sign contracts.