How Do Clients Consume Corporate Video Production?

by | Jan 16, 2019

We are natural consumers of media. Even when we don’t realize it, we’re still consuming information that derived from the media. We remember what we see in corporate video production even if we try not to. It influences our decision without even realizing it.

Have you ever gone to a store and while looking around, realized you were actually looking for a product you just saw earlier on a Facebook post? You have, right? That is the incredible power of visuals over us. We don’t realize that what we see ultimately leads us to purchase a product, support advocacy, or subscribe to a service.

Understanding the history behind a company

It is important for many consumers that they understand where a company came from, what it did before, how it grew, and what influences its everyday decision. It makes them better understand what the company is aiming for in producing certain products.

Consumers are smarter now and they are more critical and demanding of the companies they support. They no longer want a company to simply profit from them. They want companies they support to show they are putting their profit into good use.

Supporting the company’s social advocacy

Thus, leads to this second point: consumers want companies that have social advocacies. They are willing to support these companies as long as they support social issues, too, such as the environment, equal rights, immigration, and many more. Consumers feel closer to companies that speak about important issues in society. They feel that their money is being put to a good cause.

Getting to know who’s behind the company

Believe it or not but consumers love knowing who’s behind a particular company. It makes them feel closer and more intimate to the brand when they realize who are the people running the show.

It’s also important to humanize the brand and the company, to show your customers you are not just some profit-focused business. There are people behind this company that are just like them—consumers, family-oriented, workers.

Being influenced to purchase and consume

Your corporate video’s ultimate goal is not only to introduce the company to your target consumers. It is to influence their decision to consume.

If they are looking for air-conditioning repair services, for example, your corporate video should make them believe your business is the right one for them to hire. If they are looking for a pair of “vegan” leather shoes, your video should persuade them to choose your company.