How Lakeland Videographer Can Promote His Trade In Community Events

by | Jun 18, 2019

The first audience that a Lakeland videographer must target is those who are living within the vicinity. These are the very first people who will see and appreciate his work. It is important to reach out to the local community so they will know that there’s a videography service in their area that they can support and patronize.

Being visible in the local community is more than just about one’s presence on social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more are important, of course, but not nearly as a Lakeland videographer’s visibility during community events.

Participate In Community Activities

Participating in community events means actually having a role during these activities. Whether contributing your time as an event organizer or a coach of the little league team or as part of the logistics team, your presence there will be highly noted.

This is especially true for videographers who are new to the community they want to target. In order for them to know about your services, the community must first know about you.

Offer Your Services For Free

This isn’t really a time for you to earn a profit. This is just a time for you to market your services, attract as much attention as you can get, and engage with your target market. You can offer your services for free.

The organizers would love that. It is also an excuse to show everyone your work. Since it is for free, the least they can do is to introduce you to everyone and to show them your video product.

Show Off Your Work

As mentioned above, this is a good chance to show off your work. You can have a mini viewing of the videos you made in the past (as long as they are related to the theme of the event). You can even shoot videos that are relative to the event just to show off your skills in editing.

Treat this as a venue where you can highlight the products and services that you offer. Your target market will actually be more welcoming to marketing ploys, especially since they are out there enjoying the festivities.

Give Out Flyers And Business Cards

Those good old flyers and business cards still work wonders. Ask a couple of your friends to hand out flyers and business cards to people. You can also set up a booth where people can inquire about your services. Some community members may be looking for a Lakeland videographer and you could be the right person for them.