How Lakeland Wedding Videography Teams Get Good Client Reviews

by | May 23, 2019

Reviews and recommendations are good basis of a business’ success, especially on the internet. If you’re a Lakeland wedding videography company, you should seek good recommendations from your clients. But how do you make sure that your clients are so impressed that they would go online to leave good reviews about your agency?

Your priority should be to provide quality services but that’s not everything your clients are looking for in wedding photographers.

Help Your Clients Find The Right Locations

Your clients will probably seek your help to find the perfect locations for their prenuptial shoot. It would be helpful to your Lakeland wedding videography business if you could guide your clients in finding amazing locations.

This is an extra service that your clients would love to get from you. Since you’re the one who knows what a video needs, you can give suggestion on the best locations where the couple can shine.

Guide Them During The Video Shoot

The couples won’t exactly know what to do during the video shoot. They are not models or artists so they won’t exactly be comfortable posing in front of the camera.

Put them at ease by talking to them and making them laugh. That will bring out their natural glow and the videos will also look more organic than the fabricated poses we see in other videos.

Respond To Their Inquiries ASAP

When your clients reach out to you, make sure to respond as quickly as possible. Clients hate waiting especially when their issues concern the most important day of their lives—their wedding day.

Brides, especially, are stressed out by having to organize everything so try to give them a bit of slack. Responding to inquiries as soon as you can will also ensure you won’t be missing any opportunities to attract clients.

Ask Them Directly For Recommendations

Sometimes, the best way is to just ask the clients directly for recommendations. Tell them you need good reviews on the internet and it would help you attract more clients if they can give your services the rating they think is appropriate.

Most clients, especially if they are satisfied with your services, are willing to leave positive reviews on your site and their social media profiles. They will also recommend your business to their network.

These tips will ensure that your Lakeland wedding videography company will not only generate positive reviews and recommendations, but it will also attract web traffic, turn it into revenue, and retain customers for future projects.