How To Buy A Used Drone For Drone Photography

by | Sep 4, 2018

It is not unheard of for first-time hobbyists and enthusiasts to buy a secondhand drone. Whether it’s for recreational or commercial purposes, buying a used equipment for drone photography is not uncommon. If you don’t have the money to buy a brand-new drone and would only want to test this out as a hobby, you can invest in a secondhand drone that could serve you for the years to come.

However, the real question is how to buy a secondhand drone. There are many factors that should be taken into account. From the seller’s history to the drone’s flight logs, a buyer needs a good checklist to know if he’s got a good deal on his hands. Naturally, you just don’t walk in a retail store and expect to find a secondhand drone.

You have to get more creative than simply walking in a store. There are many online sites, for example, that sell secondhand equipment. The most famous example is Craigslist, eBay, and online trading spaces like

One of the most efficient ways of finding and buying a used drone is through online forums and communities. Experts in drone and its accessories gather around in these forums to talk about the latest industry trends, new regulations, and fresh equipment from manufacturers.

You can learn a lot by joining an online community where people will talk nonstop about drones and its many functions, accessories, problems, and solutions.

You can get good advice from these people on how to choose the right drone for yourself for your drone photography hobby. Additionally, you can meet actual sellers through these forums who are looking for the next owners of their equipment.

You can also look at local classified ads for people looking to sell their drones. You can also ask around in your circle of friends if there is anyone there who wants to sell their drone.

Facebook groups are another avenue to find good sellers, too. It works just like any online forums where enthusiasts and hobbyists gather to share information about drones.

When buying a used drone, always keep out for any “funny business” such as the seller refusing to show the drone or have it tested out, the seller wanting to know your financial details, and the seller unable to provide information about the drone. When it comes to buying a secondhand drone, all of these are red flags and should immediately drive you away from the negotiation table.