How to Carry Out an Interview for a Corporate Video Production Project

by | Jan 27, 2022

A corporate video production is arguably one of the trickier kinds of videos to work on in the production industry. In fact, for a long time, a corporate video was not something that a lot of companies wanted to have made for their businesses.

A lot of people in the past made corporate videos in the same way, which meant that it was the same rehashed interview-style video that delivered very dull content to its viewers. As a result, companies that used these corporate videos were perceived as dull and boring by the general population.

Nowadays, corporate videos are making a comeback, with production companies becoming more creative in their approach to the corporate video. Interestingly enough, the interview-style video is also making a comeback.

However, when you work with this style of video, you have to make sure to ace this as interview-style videos can get dull, very quickly. But if you do this right, it can resonate well with audiences. Here are some tips to help you ace your interview-stye Lakeland corporate video production.

Prep your questions ahead of time

Interview-style videos are supposed to come off as professional, yet organic sounding when they answer questions. In order to achieve that effect, make sure to prepare your interviewee ahead of time regarding the questions that they have to answer.

This helps make sure that your interviewee isn’t fumbling for a response on camera. And by familiarizing them with the questions, rather than letting them read off a script guarantees that their response comes off as more natural, which more preferable for audiences.

Audiences prefer watching someone who comes off as more natural because this makes them more likable and relatable, as opposed to someone who looks and sounds like they’re just reading off a script.

Remember that this is also going to reflect on the company, so you want your company to come off as more relatable for audiences when they watch your video.

Make sure that the set is relaxed

If you’re going to be interviewing someone from the company, chances are, they’re not really comfortable being on a full video production set.

If this is the case, it’s very important that you set the tone and atmosphere for the interviewee in order to make them more comfortable. Don’t put any pressure on your interviewees and if they mess up, give them the chance to remedy their mistakes without stressing them out.

Their mood can carry over to how they act on camera and can affect the quality of the Lakeland corporate video production.